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Homestead Farm Dinners

Greenlands Farm is home to the Burkert and Kelley families, who together, practice the full circle system known as Homestead farming.  We hope you’ll help complete the circle by engaging in a special, unhurried evening of fun and bounty designed just for you.  So, please join us on the farm for an exquisite gourmet five-course dinner under our Carolina blue skies. 

Your evening begins with delicious hors d’oeuvres that set the stage for our farm tour
that showcases our vegetables, flocks and herds.  You’ll see how every farm animal (many being rescues) contributes to the circle.  It’ll be a furry meet and greet!  Following, our farm chef will prepare your heirloom dinner from our select farm ingredients including some products from other local farmers and fishers. Evening wines will be chosen by a local wine connoisseur based on our chef’s creation.  Afterwards, it’s a hay ride to our farm store to see our special, farm-make products.  Whether pesticide-free veggies, hand-made goats milk soap, baked goods, canned preserves, or honey... there’s something for everyone.  Be sure to bring your camera since the picturesque views over the pond, pastures, and gardens are memory makers.  The evening promises an opportunity to get to know us
and other interesting guests.


All in all:  It’ll be an evening full of good food, great conversation, and Homestead living … Homestead Dinners at Greenlands Farm is a real “farm to fork” , “slow food”, and “local” experience!

~ Special Dinners ~

When’s the last time your child collected an egg, picked some veggies, and then ate them for dinner?  Well, now it’s their chance to experience what “farm to fork” really means.  Greenlands Farm has a special family two-course dinner where you can see how and where our quality food is grown.  You’ll also meet our rescued farm animals who teach us many valuable lessons by the role they play on our farm.   Come out for a fun evening with your child and give them a dinner experience like no other! 

  The Evening’s Schedule (Adult & Singles)

 Hors d’oeuvres 4:30-5pm
Farm Tour 5pm-5:45pm
Dinner is Served 6pm-7pm
Farm Store, Final Gathering, and Dessert 7pm-8:30pm

Jr. Homestead Dinner Schedule

Farm Tour 4pm – 5pm
Dinner is Served 5:15pm – 6.00pm
Final Gathering & Dessert 6pm – 6:30 pm

Adult Dinners:


September 26 - Friday

September 27 - Saturday 

October 24-Friday 

**Please don’t bring children to Adult Dinners**

 Jr. Homestead Dinners:

Date: October 25 - Saturday

   - Dinner reservations must be purchased no less than two weeks in advance. 

-Dinner purchases are nonrefundable since much planning is put into the preparation of your dinner experience.  We encourage people who are unable to attend to give their tickets away or sell them.

- All dinner dates require a minimum of dinner guests.

- Two complementary glasses of wine are included with dinners except, of course, at the Jr. Homestead Dinner. 
Adults:  bring ID

- Vegetarian or other dietary restrictions: please notify us during your reservation so we can try to find an alternative.

 - Our outdoor dinners are subject to inclement weather, farm smells, insects, and other natural events.  We do not cancel dinners. 

-Please come prepared so you can have an enjoyable experience: bring insect repellant, wear farm appropriate attire and shoes, umbrellas and rain parkas in case of rain, sunscreen, hats, etc.  

- Please inform us of any special needs/disabilities so we can do our best to accommodate you.

- Please do not bring children to adult dinners.  Jr. Homestead Dinners are available for children under the age of 13, with adult accompaniment.
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